How to Make your Guests Feel More Comfortable at your Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding where you didn’t really know anyone? Maybe you went as a plus-one to your friend or were the date of a member of the wedding party. Oh, the dreaded head table with only the wedding party’s names listed (minus their dates).

We’ve selected a few ways to make sure your guests have the best time at your wedding!

1) Have a Head Table Dedicated to Your Wedding Party and Their Dates

Head tables can be oh-so-pretty and practical. But it can become a little awkward if one of your groomsman brings his new girlfriend as his date and she doesn’t know anyone. This awkward moment can be avoided with a bit of planning. When making your seating charts, double and triple check with your wedding party to confirm who their plus-ones will be. It is an added touch to ensure all of your guests feel welcomed.

Photography: Lauren Kinsey

2) Provide your Guests with Activities

During moments before the ceremony and after the ceremony, there may be a lull in the event flow. This could happen due to early bird guests or during the cocktail hour after the ceremony while you and your new spouse are capturing your wedding portraits. Serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres after the ceremony, before dinner is served is always a good idea, but for an added touch, welcome your guests to your ceremony with a refreshing beverage. This could be a mixed drink or wine, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. If you are having a summer wedding on a lawn, opt for a cold lemonade with an airy garnish!

Photography: Lauren Kinsey

If you choose to have a guestbook, use it as a way to keep the flow going throughout the wedding. Traditionally, the guestbook is signed as guests are arriving. To switch it up a bit incorporate it into your cocktail hour. This will give your guests a moment to write a special wish while mingling with a cocktail.

Photography: Kate Captures

Also, if you have a larger venue, you could incorporate yard games to add an element of fun! Who doesn’t love a little competitive game of corn hole?!

Photography: Sarah and Paul Photography

3) Gift your Guests with Items That Combat the Weather

There are many adorable welcome items you could gift your guests as they arrive to make them feel extra welcomed! If you are hosting your wedding outside in the heat of summer, you could provide them with a theme-inspired hand fan, or a bottle of water with a signature wedding label.

For fall and winter weddings hosted outdoors or partially outdoors, you could hand out beautifully wrapped Hot Hands to keep your guests extra warm throughout the night!

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